Sunday, November 19th, 2017

JB for AG blog


Cute title. JB for AG was launched Wednesday by the Van Hollen for Attorney General people. It’s missing something… something is missing…. It’s going to bug me until I find it….. I know it’s gotta be here somewhere because it’s on every yard sign……

Nope. Can’t find it. As we would say in my old neighborhood, “they’s in trouuuble….”

Good news: fans of the Van Hollen “I love my wife” bumper sticker have a chance to weigh in on the topic in the comments. The bumper sticker stands in stark contrast to those of his opponents:

Peg Lautenschlager “Don’t drink and drive. You might spill your drink in a state car.”
Kathleen Falk “Free Waupun”
Paul Bucher “I preferred Sammy Hagar solo”

Finally, to my fellow bloggers that get upset when a Republican attacks a fellow Republican (Jenna, GOP3, Owen), wait until you get a load of this blog post. Tsk tsk tsk. Now that’s negative campaigning.

Update! 2/25/06 10:29am Van Hollen disclaimer now on.
Update 2 2/26/06 12:50pm Sean at the American Mind comments on the JB for AG blog, and re-opens the Blogger vs. WordPress debate. I weigh in with a lengthy opinion in the comments.

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