Friday, November 24th, 2017

Jobbed on jobs


Brian Fraley points out the tragic absurdity of the latest job numbers and notes the political implications:

That has to be particularly stinging for [State Senator Julie] Lassa, the Chairwoman for the poorly-named State Senate Committee on Economic Development.

It would be only a slight overstatement to say the major economic development success stories in Wisconsin the last few years have been for the printers of over-sized checks. Governor Doyle’s Department of Workforce Development has handed out more of these babies than Publisher’s Clearinghouse and the PGA combined. Trouble is, they always seem to be for ‘worker retraining’ after yet another manufacturing plant shutters its doors in Wisconsin.

The fact of the matter is Americans in general, and Wisconsinites in particular, have not seen a return on their investment in the failed economic policies of the last several years. That fact comes as no surprise to anyone who understands how a dynamic, free market economy works.

We are already seeing political literature of incumbents crowing about their job-creation initiatives, but the unemployment numbers discredit their glossy, four-color claims.

No matter if you title legislation “The Recovery Act” or the “Jobs Act” or the “Don’t Read the Papers, Everything is Fine Act,” if you squeeze capital out of the private sector, if you unduly punish risk, if you constantly ridicule and attack job providers, you will stifle any hopes of economic growth.

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