Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Joe Sobran, RIP


Conservative author/writer Joe Sobran died yesterday.  He was 64.  Sobran, a senior editor at National Review, left the magazine due to controversy after being accused of anti-Semitism.  He continued to associate himself with Holocaust denier David Irving.  If Sobran was not anti-Semitic, he certainly leaned that way and he supported anti-Semites.

Four years ago, Wisconsin Forum, a conservative/libertarian organization that brings conservative speakers to Wisconsin, made the serious error of inviting Sobran to speak at one of their events.  I objected to any conservative organization giving Sobran a platform given his statements regarding Jews and his association with Holocaust deniers, and organized opposition to his appearance.  Eventually Sobran’s invitation to speak was rescinded and a few board members left the organization as a result of the controversy.

Sobran was also known for his belief William Shakespeare was not the actual author of the works attributed to him.  An interesting idea from an interesting but seriously flawed man.

Had Sobran been able to free his considerable talents from his bigotry he may have been very influential in the direction of the conservative movement.  Instead the worst aspects of Sobran’s character won out and he spent the remaining years of his career trolling the fevered swamps.

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