Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Journal Sentinel Politifact rates a pants on fire (again)


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Politifact reminded us again the other day it should be taken as seriously as the newspaper’s horoscope column.  This time they “rated” whether Democratic candidate for governor “Mary Burke ‘has proven on the Madison Board of Education’ that she supports raising taxes and spending.”

Here is their conclusion:

The Wisconsin Republican Party said Burke “has proven on the Madison Board of Education” that she supports raising taxes and spending.

Burke voted for a larger total budget, which included a property tax increase, for 2012-’13.

In a preliminary vote for 2013-’14, she opposed a property tax increase that was larger than she advocated; that was part of a proposal that actually reduces the size of the total budget.

For a statement that is partially accurate but leaves out important details, we give the state GOP a Half True.

So she voted for or endorsed tax increases in two budgets, a spending increase in at least one budget without specifying any cuts she would have made in the second budget, and somehow the claim Burke has a record of increasing taxes and spending is only half true?

For this blatant cover up of Burke’s actual record, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel earns a “pants on fire” rating, and it’s a fire that can’t be put out with Pulitzer polish.

I previously wrote about Burke’s record on the Madison school board for the MacIver Institute.

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