Friday, November 24th, 2017

Journal Sentinel praises invasion at Normandy beach


Of course, had the current editors of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel been around in 1944, we might’ve been treated to a completely different editorial than the editorial printed today.

Disastrous invasion of France

Given the thousands of American dead after the ill-considered invasion of France, critics should feel emboldened in their claim that war with Germany is a too-costly distraction from the war with Japan. After all, despite an empty declaration of alliance, there really is no tie between Germany and Japan. Aside from the simple geography of the issue, the racial ideology of Germany makes any alliance with Japan impossible, and the administration should quit lying to the American people about the threat Germany poses to the United States.

Without any evidence of an imminent threat to the United States, the administration has tied itself to a fragile regime in Britain on the one hand and a totalitarian regime in the Soviet Union. Are either of these two regimes worth sacrificing thousands of American lives?

The administration thinks we have forgotten that Germany had nothing to do with the attack on December 7th. The administration uses December 7th as a club over the heads of their political enemies and to justify attacks on this country’s civil liberties.

But no matter how often the administration invokes December 7th, nothing can excuse the incompetence that has led us into the quagmire on the beaches of Northwestern France.

Thousands of Americans are paying for the Administration’s arrogance. Meanwhile, Tojo and Hirohito go free. It’s time we allow self-determination for the Europeans and concentrate on a multilateral solution for the containment of Japan.

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