Friday, November 24th, 2017

Just a friendly reminder from the Mark Green campaign



Here’s how you can help us defeat Doyle this week:

Phone Banks at the GOP office: (office located at 1701 Pearl Street, Waukesha)

Monday: 9am-8pm

Tuesday: 9am-8pm (pizza available at night)

Wednesday: 3pm-8pm

Thursday: 9am-8pm (pizza available at night)

Friday: 9am-8pm

Please stop in for an hour or two during the day or after work. We have 5,000 calls to make this week and need your help to do it. Please call and let us know when to expect you!

Door to Door canvassing: (meet at GOP office, 1701 Pearl Street, Waukesha)

Wednesday: 5-8pm

Saturday: 10am-5pm

Let me know if you can join us (or if a different time works better for you). With your help we’ll knock on approximately 500 doors this week.

Community Weekend Events:

Butler: St. Agnes Festival, Friday-Sunday

Muskego: Community Festival, Friday-Sunday

Parade on Sunday at 11am

Brookfield: Car show & art fair

Let me know if you can help hand out our materials at any of these events this coming weekend!

I strongly advise every Waukesha GOP member that is not already out there helping Chris Lufter run for State Assembly in the 97th, Paul Bucher for State Attorney General, or either Brad Schimel or Dennis Krueger, to get out there and spend all of your valuable political campaign volunteer time to help Mark Green. Don’t waste a second helping anyone else! After all, you don’t want it to be said that Mark Green lost by just a few votes because you decided to do volunteer work for another campaign.

The Green campaign has lots for you to do now in the next three weeks to keep you busy, busy, busy. So again, if you’re not helping Chris Lufter or Paul Bucher or one of the candidates for Waukesha DA, make sure you give all your spare time to Mark Green. He really needs the help! And his campaign has that whole “Green Team” theme you don’t want to miss being a part of!

Look at the schedule! Free pizza!

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