Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Just a small detail


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Jason Stein might want to check the biographies of the sources for his next story. In an article on the state not getting $45 million that Governor Scott Walker expected from the federal government, Stein reports a statement by David Riemer of the Community Advocates Public Policy Institute that is critical of Walker for expecting the federal money.

David Riemer said the Walker administration had been unwise to count on the federal government to deliver such a large cash payout. Riemer, the director of Community Advocates Public Policy Institute in Milwaukee, formerly served as the state budget director under then-Gov. Jim Doyle, a Democrat.

“What reason did they have to rely on this? Everybody I talked to shook their head and said not likely or not likely in the short run or not likely unless Congress passes a law,” Riemer said. “They’re being told in advance that they’re not going to get that money.”

Going unmentioned by Stein is that Riemer ran for Milwaukee County Executive against Walker in 2004. That detail put’s Riemer’s criticism of Walker in a different perspective. But why let a minor thing like your source lost an election to the politician being criticized ruin a good quote?

Who is, “Everybody I talked to”? The I Hate Scott Walker Club?

Also interesting that Stein asked the Republicans why they had indications that the money was coming, but didn’t bother to ask Riemer, a former Walker opponent, who told him that the money wasn’t coming.

Maybe George Stanley can assign Stein one of them editor thingys that make newspapers so reliable.

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