Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Just an interesting election story


Let me tell you a story. Now before we begin, a disclaimer. Because many of the events in this story are second hand, I’m not going to name names. Some of the details will be really vague and some will be only from what other people told me but I can’t verify. However, I have a lawyer.

A long time ago when I was doing political work, a friend and I were asked to meet with a candidate that was having trouble finding competent help for a primary election. So we met with the candidate, outlined a plan, told the candidate that a lot of stuff would be done at the last minute because of the timing of the campaign, etc. We also told the candidate we would do a compare and contrast mail piece right before the election. The candidate said, “Nuke him.”

“Really?” We asked. I admit it. I hated candidates that wanted to play nice.

“Nuke him,” our candidate repeated.

So the campaign went through the motions and, in the end, we did the compare and contrast piece. I would tell you what it said but that would reveal the candidate’s and the opponent’s identity. Besides, I no longer have a copy. But I remember we did it.

Turns out, our candidate had signed a “no negative campaign pledge” before our candidate signed us. Our candidate forgot to mention it to us and, as I heard third hand, actually blamed us for the attack on the opponent. Our candidate’s opponent supposedly ran around the Capitol complaining to everyone about how our candidate broke the “no negative campaign pledge,” or at least that’s what I heard later. Supposedly our candidate’s opponent even complained to a prominent Republican leader, a kingmaker if you will, and the leader supposedly said to our candidate’s opponent, “Tell someone who cares.” Or, at least that is what I heard.

Now, I know a lot of you are scratching your heads and thinking, that would be a great story, even funny, if there were any details to back it up. If only James would tell us who any of these people are.

To which I would respond, I guess you’re not a fan of Terrence Wall’s story, either.

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