Friday, November 24th, 2017

Just another patronage job


Governor Jim Doyle asked, and State Representative Gary Sherman agreed, who needs this stinking job filled anyway?

State Representative Gary Sherman, D-Port Wing, will remain in office until the Legislature closes out its regular session on April 22, 2010.

Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle Monday asked Sherman to serve through the end of session before being sworn in as a State Court of Appeals justice, averting the need for a special spring election in in the 74th Assembly District.

“By completing this session before resigning his seat, Gary Sherman will be able to serve his district while the Legislature is active,” Doyle said. “I make this request so that the 74th Assembly District is continuously represented and can elect their next member of the Assembly through the usual process in November.” Doyle said holding a special election this spring to send someone to a Legislature that will be out until the fall would cost taxpayers money without adding active representation.

Let me translate: “We would lose a special election, so better Sherman stay put while we need his vote.” But what about the other job? You know, justice on the State Court of Appeals? Doesn’t that have to be filled?

Sherman said remaining in the Legislature for a while would not unduly affect the workload of the Court of Appeals.

“The effect of having one less judge is effectively nil,” he said. “And it’s only for a couple of months.”

So in the minds of Sherman and Doyle, the Appeals Court justice position is really just a patronage job, and one more justice more or less is not going to hurt. It’s just like how many toll booth workers you really need in Illinois, or positions on a construction site after Tony Soprano negotiates.

“Good job, Gary, way to take some hits for me. Now here’s your new job. Don’t work too hard.”

Some smart guy Republican should introduce a bill to get rid of the Appeals Court justice position in question, just to make a point.

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