Friday, November 24th, 2017

Kagen buzz


Kevin Binversie at Lakeshore Laments hears that some are expecting Wisconsin’s Steve Kagen to be among the House Democrats heading to an early retirement rather than run for re-election.

I keep having some “insiders” in WI-08 tell me rumors that Kagen is getting bored in Washington (his ego can’t handle the boredom of being a back-bencher in the Majority) and may retire soon as well.  They keep pointing out that he’s being very playful with the Green Bay media when the topic of when he’s going to announce his re-election comes up during his weekly conference call.

I tend not to believe such rumors, but it may explain why Jake Rubin is suddenly leaving the Kagen office (or not).   I also believe that Kagen will announce he’s seeking re-election sometime after the New Year, likely in Appleton.

I don’t believe Kagen’s planning on retiring, either, judging from the tone of the press releases coming from his office. If there’s a consistent theme, it’s main street vs. Wall Street, and he’s the lead peasant with the pitchfork.

Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel catches up to Binversie in reporting that Kagen is number one in the country in Congressional office spending. Binversie looked at the expense reports and found (besides the office space expense) one item that stood out: mailings to the district.

In Kagen’s office, he spent an amazing $59,934 in franked mailings, and $79,381 in printing and reproduction costs (most of them related to making the franked mailings). A detailed look at the timing of these mailings show the vast majority of them were done right before the August Recess.

(Health Care Bill sales pitches perhaps? Yeah, those went well if memory serves for the Kagen Office.)

Now you know why incumbents like campaign finance laws. They’re busy using the power of incumbency to use your tax dollars to finance their re-election.

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