Saturday, August 17th, 2019

Kapenga defeats Dorow in rematch


State Rep Chris Kapenga defeated Brian Dorow in the special Republican primary in the 33rd state senate district. In unofficial totals, Kapenga received 5,539 votes or 52.3% to Dorow’s 4,888 votes or 46.1%.

It was the second time Kapenga defeated Dorow. The first was when Kapenga was elected to the state assembly following the departure of Scott Newcomer after a personal scandal.

It would have been quite an upset for Dorow to defeat Kapenga. Kapenga had a name recognition advantage after the Right to Work victory as well as the geographic advantage of being an incumbent already representing one-third of the senate district. Kapenga also had an early start to his campaign and a fundraising advantage.

Kapenga now faces Democratic candidate Sherryll Shaddock in the July 27th special election. Barring an unforeseen election disaster, there will need to be a special election to replace Kapenga in the 99th Assembly District. Dorow is a resident of the district but another election may be too soon. Former US Senate candidate Dave Westlake and is likely to jump into the race when it is eventually called. There will be other candidates.

Kapenga’s statement:

“I want to take a moment to thank the voters of Waukesha County, for holding me to the promise I made when first elected to the assembly five years ago — to always keep an eye on the bottom line of government. They have now placed their trust in me as the Republican nominee for the 33rd Senate District. We have great challenges before us, including delivering a budget that best protects taxpayers, and my commitment to keep an eye on government spending will not waiver.   I thank my wife Cari, my family and the countless supporters who helped a deliver a strong GOP primary victory tonight

Rep. Chris Kapenga
GOP Nominee 33rd Senate District

Dorow’s statement:

“A few moments ago I called Rep. Kapenga and congratulated him on tonight’s victory and wished him well in July. This is Waukesha County. Republicans are well accustomed to primaries and we always come together to move forward…as we will this time.

“So, like you, I am disappointed in the outcome, but not in the effort. Our team gave it our all. Anyone who is familiar with politics or sports or anything of a competitive nature knows, sometimes giving your all is not enough. That was the case today. The compressed timeline didn’t give us enough time to raise the funds we needed to communicate with enough voters. And turnout was incredibly low.

“But I want to thank my loving family who supported and had my back every day. I also want to thank our many supporters who did contribute quite generously of their funds and their time. I will be forever grateful for their faith in me.”

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