Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Kapenga, Farrow, and the Zip


We interrupt this summer with breaking news that politics is breaking out in Waukesha. State Rep. Chris Kapenga announced yesterday that he is going to take on State Rep Paul Farrow (son of Margaret) to fill the upcoming state senate vacancy caused by State Senator Rich Zipperer leaving to join Governor Scott Walker’s administration.

Kapenga’s announcement came a week after Zipperer’s announcement (broken here first), Farrow’s announcement that he is running, and State Rep Bill Kramer’s decision to stay in leadership in the Assembly. Apparently Kapenga wasn’t at the meeting where this was all sorted out.

Right after Farrow announced, he was endorsed by State Attorney General JB Van Hollen, Kramer, and Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald.

The contest bewtween Farrow and Kapenga is unlikely to be a battle over conservative philosophy as much as it’s about the establishment-favored candidate, Farrow, taking on Kapenga who was last seen attacking his Assembly colleagues without any evidence. Both candidates are conservatives, and both are pro-life.

It’s a free shot for both candidates as neither of them will have to give up their Assembly seats to run. The winner of the Republican primary on election day in November will get to crush whatever hapless Democrat chooses to run in December. Early betting would be on Farrow.

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