Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Kasich pulling radio ads in Eastern Wisconsin


Update! Headline adjusted. See below. – JW

Charlie Sykes on WTMJ-AM just announced that Ohio Governor John Kasich’s presidential campaign is pulling all radio ads in Wisconsin. As I explained in RightWisconsin last week, because of the way the Wisconsin Republican primary is constructed anti-Trump votes cannot go to John Kasich.

However, if Kasich draws enough former Rubio voters, he could block Cruz’s campaign from winning a plurality statewide. That would award the eighteen statewide delegates to Trump as well as give him bragging rights about winning another state when all eyes are on Wisconsin, building Trump’s campaign momentum going into the final contests.

In addition, support for Kasich could mean throwing Wisconsin congressional districts to Trump, too. It’s unlikely Kasich will draw enough support to win any congressional district, although his planned visit to Wauwatosa on Wednesday would suggest he’s going to try for the fourth. However, if Kasich draws off enough voters, it could be the margin that swings the second and third congressional districts to Trump. Trump could end up winning four or five congressional districts and all of the delegates that go with them.

If Kasich pulls his television ads, that means the race is basically Cruz versus Trump, the race Cruz claims to want.

Update! Now it appears that the Kasich campaign is pulling the radio ads from the east side of the state. As our friend Kevin Binversie points out, that would mean Kasich is trying to make a play for the third congressional district on the western side of the state. Not sure why that would be more fertile territory for him. That’s more likely Trump country.

Update 2! Kasich campaign explains: “We are increasing our buys in some Congressional Districts in Wisconsin and reallocating in some others.”

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