Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Keeping an eye on the vote


Alderman Randy Radish will not be at Tuesday’s meeting. To stop the stadium will require eight “no” votes. The mayor breaks ties, so unless he is visited by the three ghosts of Frame Park’s past, seven “no” votes won’t do it.

Christopher Hernandez’s cell phone has been overwhelmed and he is asking constituents to call 262-446-9739.

Hernandez, Johnson, Pieper, Bull, Ybarra, Thieme, Furrer, Waldenberger, Francour
are considered undecideds

Cummings, Vitale, Tortamasi, are “no” votes

Payne, Litchie, Furrer (see comments) are “yes” votes

District 1 Terry Thieme 524-1627
District 2 Eric Payne 544-4688
District 3 Christopher Hernandez 262-446-9739
District 4 Joe Pieper 896-0454
District 5 Paul Ybarra 544-6323
District 6 Paul Furrer 262 536-1159
District 7 Peggy Bull 547-3552
District 8 Emanuele Vitale 544-5850
District 9 Kathleen Cummings 547-6272
District 10 Steve Johnson 547-6814
District 11 Randy Radish 548-0738
District 12 Charles Lichtie 547-7930
District 13 Rick Tortomasi 544-5373
District 14 Joan Francoeur 547-9149
District 15 Carl Waldenberger 524-8937

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