Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Keeping the PC in Marquette Basketball


Spent Saturday afternoon at Marquette’s blowout of Longwood. My group had great seats, close to the visiting team’s bench, to watch the slaughter. Pretty sad when Marquette had time to pose for a team photo before getting the rebounds.

Our seats were also close to the student section which allowed us to watch the Marquette athletic department prepare one of their contests for a break in the game. They picked three students for a chance to win $500 towards their tuition. One of the kids picked was wearing an Indian headdress with the word “Warriors” written across the front.

I thought he would be forced to take it off right away but nobody appeared to have said anything to him. My friends and I were hoping the kid’s headdress would make it to the jumbotron.

Then the “Golden Eagle” mascot came over. He saw the kid and started gesturing. At first the kid tried just turning the headdress around but the Eagle was suffering a serious case of nickname envy and forced the kid to take it off.

Too bad. Another victory for the PC police.

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