Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Keith Richards is 71 today


Shouldn’t his body be a donation to medical science by now? Kids, don’t do drugs, or else you’ll end up very rich with all the women you can handle. So what cautionary tale is the life of Keith Richards telling?

On the other hand, Richards is a living example of the Laffer Curve in action:

“The whole business thing is predicated a lot on the tax laws,” says Keith, Marlboro in one hand, vodka and juice in the other. “It’s why we rehearse in Canada and not in the U.S. A lot of our astute moves have been basically keeping up with tax laws, where to go, where not to put it. Whether to sit on it or not. We left England because we’d be paying 98 cents on the dollar. We left, and they lost out. No taxes at all. I don’t want to screw anybody out of anything, least of all the governments that I work with. We put 30% in holding until we sort it out.” No wonder Keith chooses to live not in London, or even New York City, but in Weston, Conn.

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