Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Kelly Gallaher threatens to boycott a restaurant because they dare serve the wrong kind of people


Liberal activist Kelly Gallaher of Community for Change, an organization aligned with the Democratic Party, does not want to eat in the same restaurants as conservatives.  Apparently afraid of conservative cooties or something, she told the owner of a franchise of a large restaurant chain that unless they stopped serving a small group of conservatives that informally gathered at the restaurant in Racine, she would organize a boycott. (ht: Fred

 The restaurant, which is afraid of negative publicity so we will not name it here, is not sponsoring the gatherings.  It’s not promoting the gatherings.  It just has the misfortune of being a convenient place for a few people to push a few tables together so they can eat and talk.  (The details of the story were confirmed to me privately.)

 This is too much for Gallaher who would like separate lunch counters to keep the different ideologies from mingling.  Such mealtime mixing could pollute the ideologically pure.

 Gallaher, you may recall, pleaded for tolerance when a website failed to redact her personal info from an e-mail calling for Democrats to overwhelm Congressman Paul Ryan’s town hall meetings on health care.  For someone who bore the brunt of a little political nastiness herself, she is still in need of developing some tolerance of her own.

 My advice to the restaurant owner would be to point her to the door and ask her not to return until she learns how to play well with others.  As for the threatened boycott, given the lack of her success for her efforts to take control of Ryan’s town hall meetings, it’s not much of a threat, is it?

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