Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Kennedy at the game


Former Waukesha Freeman columnist Pete Kennedy was at Monday night’s football game in Seattle and gave a report of what he experienced.

So here are a few things that stood out about the play and the aftermath:

Not once did they show a replay of that last play at the stadium.

After the play, the Seahawks fans ran for the exits like they were dining and dashing at the IHOP. They seemed to believe the outcome couldn’t be changed if they weren’t there to see it. (Maybe they were right.)

I was on the 20-something yard line. The play occurred in the end zone nearest me, but it was in the opposite corner. As the play unfolded I screamed, “Interference!” That’s how obvious the shove was.

The corner of the end zone where the play occurred was chaos. In a few seconds half the world was there. Absolutely no control.

Pete Carroll, who previously starred in “Home Improvement,” ran around like an out-of-control jester. He gestured, strutted, yelled and hugged. As the replacement referee said, “The ruling on the field stands,” Carroll put on a pointy hat with bells and juggled flaming bowling pins.

Those of us at the game had no idea what was going on. I knew there had been interference because I had seen it, and would have called it if I had a flag with me. (And think about this: The outcome would have been better if they had let a partisan fan like me referee from the fourth row of the 20 yard line on the opposite side of the field.)

The whole op-ed was definitely worth the 50 cents for the Waukesha Freeman today.

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