Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Kennedy behind enemy lines


Waukesha Freeman columnist Pete Kennedy took a moment out of this busy election season to go deep into the heart of darkness, Washington D.C., to see a football game.

Your mother can still protect you. I went to the game with my mother and my sister. I believe my mother’s presence dissuaded a lot of people from giving us crap. How can someone go all Philly on a 70-something woman in Packers clothing and earrings?

Well, there was that one guy who looked just like Maury Povich. He kept running across the aisle and down a few steps to make comments to my mother.

But he thought he was being funny, and in the end made himself look bad (just like Maury Povich). Then, when the brutal loss was final, he stayed in his seat and wished us luck. So no complaints on that front.

Beer vendors still haven’t come to terms with how much Wisconsinites drink.

I’m not saying the alcohol consumption is a good thing. I’m saying it’s the truth. My mom, when not being ridiculed by Maury Povich, heard one beer vendor tell another they had run out of Miller. Yeah, they had to call in reinforcements from the warehouse.

Doesn’t that happen everywhere? If you were in the beer business, would you make it your business to know such things? Wouldn’t the word have filtered out?

I don’t think Wisconsinites have any idea how much we drink compared to the rest of the country. I’ve told this story often, but when I went to pre-Katrina New Orleans in 1988, one of the locals commented to our group, “Y’all from Milwaukee shure do drink a lot.”

This was New Orleans.

Glad to see Pete had a good time. Given the swift sword of political correctness sweeping Wisconsin’s mascots aside, it might be Pete’s last chance to see an Indian mascot outside of a casino.

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