Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Kennedy explains the Waukesha QEO


Some Qualified Economic Offers were more equal than others. Residents of the Waukesha school district paid through the nose for teacher salaries that were above and beyond the QEO, and now the union is demanding more as they go to arbitration.

Pete Kennedy does a pretty good job of explaining the “lanes” on the salary table and the way the district calculated the QEO to make the union happy prior to Todd Gray becoming superintendent. Kennedy finally admits,

Here’s one other thought: Remember those Waukesha County Taxpayers League people, including Christine Lufter? They screamed that the district wasn’t calculating salaries properly.

Guess what: Lufter and the gang were right, and most (maybe even all) School Board members will now admit that.

Ah well, if only he and the school board listened back then.

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