Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Kevin Fischer announcement


Does this announcement mean Kevin Fischer is leaving Senator Mary Lazich’s staff?

“Also, my role on WISN will be expanding in the future.”

I understand a little slack for letting a legislative staffer occasionally fill in, especially given Fischer’s background. But how much should a radio station that promotes itself as “News Talk 1130” give itself over to allowing a partisan with an official government role provide content?

This has always been a great question asked of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel by Mike Mathias at Pundit Nation. (Links to his Kevin Fischer posts and his post on the Backroom Blog.)

Setting aside Fischer’s role as a “ghost-blogger” for his boss (let’s just say I was under no illusion otherwise), having politicians, their staff, and political operatives, regardless of political persuasion, as official in-house content providers is really problematic. What’s more, I think there’s a certain arrogance by anyone in the media who doesn’t see it.

I’m not saying this to pick on Fischer. Far from it. But I’m really curious what this “expanded role” is and whether WISN radio will make the same mistakes as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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