Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Killing the death tax


Fred Dooley at Real Debate Wisconsin is sponsoring a petition to stop the death tax from rising from the grave. The petition is online.

One Wisconsin Now (a really fascist sounding name, isn’t it?) has launched a petition effort of their own to raise this killer zombie.

“Wisconsin will not allow the legislature to slash programs for the poor, elderly and disabled to protect a massive tax break for the state’s next Paris Hilton,” said {Scot Ross, Executive Director of One Wisconsin Now}. “These tax breaks for the super-rich started this year and if we have a budget shortfall, they need to end now.”

Ross, of course, was the poster child for the Assembly Democrats’ role in the Caucus Scandal. Perhaps he’s concerned that state funding of legal help for former Democratic aides might be in jeopardy.

But surely his class-warfare rhetoric, aside from being old and tired, is out of place? After all, to solve Wisconsin’s long-term economic problems, we should be encouraging as many of the Paris Hilton set, not to mention the Kohls and Cudahys, to settle in Wisconsin. Wealth preservation and encouragement of wealth growth is the path to prosperity. Even as Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton is encouraging Hollywood to bring their movie-making industry to Wisconsin, surely we would want to put out the welcome sign: “Bring us your entrepeneurial, your rich, your captains of industry yearning to be free of those wanting to destroy wealth to fund short-term desires.”

As for Ms. Hilton, I know a realtor who has a nice starter home in New Berlin for sale, as well as a blogger looking to sell a condo in downtown Waukesha.

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