Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Kramer open letter to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett


State Representative Bill Kramer from Waukesha wrote an open letter to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett that appeared in the Waukesha Freeman on Friday and is reprinted over at Boots and Sabers. In the letter, Kramer challenges Barrett’s reaction to the revised jobs numbers:

Earlier this week, Governor Scott Walker announced that his administration would release recalculated jobs numbers based on a more thorough set of data and refined matrices that paint a clearer picture of where our economy, vis a vis, employment, stands and is headed.

On cue, your response was neither appropriate for someone who claims to be messianic in his bid to end a “civil war” nor mindful of the challenges we face. You alleged that the Walker administration was going to “spin” the figures to paint a rosier picture than reality. I’ll presume you get the irony (if not, see your recent reaction to the deficit noted above).

Mr. Mayor, I fear, and God knows I want to be wrong, that your response to this and the tenor of your campaign, appears that you don’t share the angst of the rest of Wisconsin, but rather, relish, bad economic news. Forget the mulligan campaign you are running for a moment: let’s see and discuss the revised numbers and if the data – after a true and public review – truly indicates something contrary to your reflexive response, then I hope you would publicly acknowledge that Wisconsin’s economy has, or is, turning a corner and moving forward.

But alas, there is no indication that you or the Democrat party wants to see positive in the economy. It was exhibited by Democrats in the legislature – and by your absence in public – when we tried to reform the state’s mining laws and create thousands of new jobs in northern Wisconsin and here in Southern Wisconsin.

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