Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Kropp duster


Alderman Charles Betker stopped by the house to update us on the fight to stop Al Kropp, owner of Kropp Equipment, from landing his helicopter at his location on Arcadian Avenue in Waukesha. Betker has proposed a minimum 10 acre requirement for allowing aircraft to land.

There is no reason why Kropp can’t drive the 10 minutes from Crites Field to his business rather than risk his safety and the safety of his neighbors.

The noise, the dust and the inconvenience are all issues. But the idea of having a rookie pilot (Kropp doesn’t have his license yet) trying to navigate that landing between high-tension power lines and his building is a disaster waiting to happen.

By the way, I challenge Kropp to produce the names and e-mails of those he claims are supporting his efforts to be able to land a helicopter at his business. Kropp is full of, well, Kropp. Alderman Betker, to his credit, has the signatures of 140 of Kropp’s neighbors on a petition to keep the helicopter out.

As for Kropp’s promise that the helicopter will be available in emergencies to the authorities, it can be even more readily available if it was based at Crites Field.

Kropp says he has “a lawyer on standby if there is any ruckus.” A word to Kropp: good or bad lawyers don’t make good neighbors. Consideration of the safety of those around him would do better.

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