Friday, November 24th, 2017

Kurt Vlach, stuffed and mounted


I confess to not wanting to follow the story of Kurt Vlach, chairman of the Racine Democratic Party who behaved in a manner making him unfit for even that low of an office. (Did I mention I still haven’t gotten over the George Petak recall?)

Nonetheless, Fred at Real Debate deserves credit for staying with the story until finally forcing Vlach to resign in disgrace. Interestingly enough, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel at first decided not to give any credit to Fred for his role in bringing down a pretty sleazy character. Later, the paper did give Fred a brief mention, but did not explore anything he had written or the evidence he had.

If a newspaper were clever, they would contact Fred and ask him to write a column about Racine politics. Are there any clever newspapers out there covering Racine? I thought not.

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