Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Larry Nelson, blogger


Thursday’s puff piece on Waukesha Mayor-elect Larry Nelson had this little tidbit of interest: Larry might start a blog.

“Nelson’s first 100 days in office will see him exploring ways to improve public communication with the mayor’s office, including possibly launching a blog – short for Weblog, an online commentary. “

I’m happy “Larry the Legend” was already taken.

Let me spare Larry the trouble blogging. Today’s I-Ching from our fearless leader Larry Nelson:

Take family and friends to Waukesha parks.”

BTW: I notice the reporter didn’t ask Larry if he was going to reimburse the school district for the time in the classroom Larry gave up to be interviewed.

Let me also just add this little bit from the Waukesha Freeman written by yours truly on what type of mayor we might get and fallout from the campaign.

Jessica Mcbride has an interesting column in today’s Waukesha Freeman on why Nelson won and Nischke lost. I think there is something to her column. I’d add that Nelson was able to go negative in the closing days of the campaign while Nischke lacked the resources to respond effectively and counter attack. Give her 400-500 words more (sorry Bill, four or five column inches).

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