Monday, November 20th, 2017

last days


It’s two days from Election Day, and over the next two days I’ll be commenting on some of the local elections in Southeastern Wisconsin.

The closing days of a campaign are always the most nerve-wracking. Everyone scrambles to find one more thing they can do:

  • One more ward to drop off campaign brochures
  • One more set of phone calls
  • One more yard sign (or two)
  • One more reporter (or blogger) to call
  • One more press release
  • One more volunteer assigned for poll watching
  • One more fundraising call
  • One last look at the campaign plan
  • One last regret about all the things you wanted the campaign to do but couldn’t
  • If I can make one more suggestion to candidates and staff, take time out in the next two days to hug your spouse or significant other and thank them for putting up with the campaign. It’s likely they didn’t have much of a role in the campaign, but they had an important role in allowing you to campaign. And often that’s the most important job of all.

    And to all of the campaign staff out there, it’s okay if you feel nauseous on Election Day. You won’t be alone.

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