Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Last week’s Wigderson at Watchdog


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Governor Walker proposes sales tax holiday on school supplies

Watchdog.orgSep 8, 2016
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker announced Wednesday his plans for a “sales tax holiday” for school supplies for Aug. 5-6 next year. The proposal will be included …

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Jesus Lunch feeds the high school multitude without incident

Watchdog.orgSep 8, 2016
Jesus returned to the lunchtime menu of hundreds of Middleton High School students at nearby Firemen’s Park on Tuesday. Unlike last spring, only two …

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Zoning appeals board again delays decision on Right Step school

Watchdog.orgSep 9, 2016
The Milwaukee Board of Zoning Appeals decided Thursday night to again postpone action on the application by Right Step, a voucher school in the Milwaukee …
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