Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Leinenkugel limited


In a move that probably surprised the Ron Johnson campaign, too, businessman and former Commerce Secretary Dick Leinenkugel dropped out of the race for senate and endorsed Johnson.

(Should’ve known something was up when we were having a hard time lining up Leinenkugel for an interview for the MacIver Institute yesterday. We were asking all the candidates for senate and governor a set of questions regarding the proper role of government. Great stuff, and you’ll be seeing it soon on the website.)

Probably smart of Leinenkugel not to wait until the endorsement vote. There was a chance he could have ended up in fourth. Instead, he gets a moment in front of all the delegates, they get a bit of his biography, he makes a positive endorsement, and hopefully leaves the assembled Republicans with a positive feeling about him.

I will say that I think Dick Leinenkugel is a person with some intellectual depth and certainly some ability. He was probably right that it wasn’t the right time for him to run, but I would not rule out a future run for office for Leinenkugel.

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