Let’s all go to the minimum markup lobby

by James Wigderson | November 11, 2015 9:32 pm

Well that didn’t take long. Now that both the Assembly and Senate versions of the bill to repeal the minimum markup law have gone to committee, the opposition has to poke their heads out from behind the bunker. The only lobbying in favor of the bills comes from Walmart, the good people who want to sell you cheap televisions on Black Friday. ┬áHere is the latest lobby list (Assembly[1] & Senate[2]):


Wouldn’t it be fun to watch these groups come to a public hearing and testify that they support consumers paying higher prices? Especially when a new poll shows bipartisan support[3] among Wisconsin voters for repealing┬áthe minimum markup law?

By the way, Governor Scott Walker signed into law 49 bills on Wednesday. Unfortunately, while bills defining what flashing yellow arrows mean on traffic signals (AB 205) and allowing mausoleums for cremated remains on church grounds (SB 229) were signed into law, the legislature did not find the time to pass the repeal of the minimum markup law. I guess they were too busy with strategy[4].



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