Friday, November 17th, 2017

Let’s take another look


State Representative Scott Suder wants another look at the DNR. From his press release yesterday:

Speaking to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee today, Suder requested that the committee immediately authorize a follow-up audit to investigate the use of Limited Term Employees (LTEs) by the DNR, the tasks being performed by Fish and Wildlife employees, and the total number of acres owned by the agency – including the number of acres that can be accessed for hunting and fishing.

Suder told committee members, “Last year the DNR spent $36.5 million on Capital investment and projects out of user fees and the folks footing the bill deserve to know what they are getting for their dollars.” He continued, “The Legislature and members of many of the sporting coalitions remain concerned about the shrinking numbers of sportsmen and women taking to the field and stream. I believe increased user fees and hunting lands closed to the public are major contributors to the drop in these numbers.”

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