Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Letter from Alderman Aaron Perry to Mayor Shawn Reilly


The following is a letter from city of Waukesha Alderman Aaron Perry to Mayor Shawn Reilly regarding amending the TID to give a loan to Sunset Homes condominiums. – JW

Mayor Reilly,

I hope this finds you well as you return from vacation. I am contacting you regarding the Common Council vote of 7-6 on September 1stpass the resolution to approve Amendment No. 1 of the Project Plan for Tax Incremental Finance District No. 22.

Usage of tax dollars in this way, even inside a TID, is irresponsible and sets a dangerous precedent for not only our city but others across the state. This group of condo owners have other options for financing and are choosing not to use them. They’ve in fact had the choice now for years to address their property problems in a variety of ways and have made the choice to ignore it. It is not our responsibility to bail them out due to their own lack of initiative and pride in their property as well as our city.

The information and documentation to the Council to vote on this issue was incomplete. It is troubling to expect the city’s elected representatives to vote on such an important issue when so many questions were not addressed prior to the meeting. The Council should be supplied with any and all pertinent supporting documentation to make proper votes that are in the best interest of the city and represent our constituents.

I became an Alderman to teach my kids about government and to show them that politics can and should be a positive thing. As my oldest son today began his first ever day of schooling. It couldn’t escape me that what was approved last night cannot be an example that the state’s 7th largest city sets.  This should never have been brought before the Council in the first place.

You made the motion to approve this at the August 12th Plan Commission meeting. This was a wrong step in the process to have this terrible idea in front of the Council. I ask you to take that step back as you are able to do. I am publicly asking you to use your veto this vote.


Ald. Aaron Perry

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