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Liberal tantrums have no end


Waukesha Freeman August 21, 2014 Page A6 Opinion

Liberal tantrums have no end 

Ryan’s book targeted for vandalism

I have yet to meet the proverbial white angry male at Republican gatherings or at tea party events. Not even the proverbial white angry female. Or, at least if I have, they seem to have left their anger at home.

I’m not saying they’re not out there. I’m sure there are more than a few people obsessed with hating the Democrats. I’m sure a few “golfer-in-chief” remarks slice way into out-of-bounds territory.

But I’ve noticed over the years that conservatives tend to behave conservatively. The speakers don’t shout. Conservative organizations don’t encourage illegal activity. They don’t think that behaving like juvenile delinquents (or worse) helps the cause.

For example, it would never occur to anyone in the tea party that they should stand in the state Capitol every day and yell as loud and as obnoxiously as they can for a full hour just to disrupt the work being done. Every single day for an hour.

The liberals call it “singing.” Anyone who has heard it in person would call to mind Shakespeare: “An he had been a dog that should have howled thus, they would have hanged him.”

If it were some tea party group caterwauling in the Capitol, some Republican legislators would have told them long before now, “Go home. You’re not helping.”

A few months ago, I took the kids to the Capitol to take a tour with state Rep. Joel Kleefisch. Kleefisch put the offer out on Facebook to lead a tour behind the scenes. He did not say the tour was only for Republicans, he just asked people to RSVP so he knew how many people were coming.

Other people showed up with their families, too, and it was a nice tour. However, when the tour moved into the concourse, one left-wing protester took it upon himself to try to disrupt the tour. Other protesters made it a point to follow us with their signs the entire time.

Again, this was a tour for families, including children. I can’t imagine someone on the right thinking, “Let’s go disrupt somebody’s tour of the Capitol and follow them around all day with signs.”

What is the purpose of such behavior? It’s cheaper than anger management therapy? Do they really think somebody on the tour is going to suddenly think, “You know, the protesters are right. The nice state legislator giving us a tour really is a fascist”?

No, the answer is they feel they’re special because their politics makes them special. They’re the good people, and Republicans are evil, and it excuses any act of bad behavior they do.

They also just can’t help themselves. The Daily Caller is reporting there is an organized effort by some on the left to alter the book jackets on Congressman Paul Ryan’s new book, “The Way Forward.”

Ryan’s book is a sincere attempt to wrestle with the questions of poverty in America at a time of huge government debt. You would think liberals would welcome the discussion of how to actually lift people out of poverty.

Instead, a group called Agenda Project Action Fund is encouraging people to go to their website, print out a book cover they designed, and replace the book cover in the stores. The left-wing substitute cover shows Ryan pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair over a cliff.

The same group used this “joke” before in a political ad to attack Ryan in 2012.

No, there is no sense of decency on the left, because they believe the righteousness of their cause excuses any behavior. Vandalizing books and depicting a congressman pushing an old woman off a cliff are justified by their incoherent, self-righteous anger.

I’ll be going back to the Capitol next spring with another tour group. This time it will be grade school students and teachers. I expect the protesters will still be there, and they’ll again shout obnoxiously, “Scott Walker hates children!” Unfortunately, it will be the most polite thing they will say.

When my daughter asks me why they’re protesting, I’ll tell her the truth: They’re spiteful little people so filled with anger they can’t stop throwing a tantrum.

(James Wigderson is a blogger publishing at http://www.wigderson.com and a Waukesha resident. His column runs Thursdays in The Freeman.)

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