Friday, November 24th, 2017

"Life, Life, give my DA Life!"


I should have music or something for these updates.

Wisconsin Right to Life endorsed both Brad Schimel and Dennis Krueger for Waukesha District Attorney.

According to WRTL/PAC Chair Bonnie Pfaff, both Krueger and Schimel “have a deep and abiding respect for the sanctity of all human life.”

“Our 27,000 members and supporters in Waukesha County have two extremely well-qualified candidates to choose from. And those candidates believe that the most vulnerable members of society deserve the protection of the law.”

As the lead pro-life organization advocating for the passage and enactment of the Cocaine Mom Law in the mid-1990’s, Wisconsin Right to Life was greatly impressed when Dennis Krueger devised a strategy to use that law to protect the life of a Waukesha County unborn child whose mother was a habitual drug user. By winning that case, Krueger set a precedent that Wisconsin Right to Life believes will protect the lives of countless unborn babies in similar situations while also providing treatment and care to their mothers.

Schimel, the father of two adopted daughters, has a deep appreciation for the loving option of adoption. He serves on the Board of the Up Connection, an organization which provides resources and support for women and girls facing unplanned pregnancies. Pfaff commended Schimel for living his pro-life commitment by contributing his time and talents to the Up Connection. He has also served on the Respect Life Committee at his church.

“Waukesha County residents are truly blessed to have two candidates of the caliber of Brad Schimel and Dennis Krueger,” said Pfaff. “Either one of these fine individuals would ably carry out the duties of the Waukesha County District Attorney.”

As I noted yesterday, Dennis Krueger also received the endorsement of Pro-Life Wisconsin.

Just a note on the issues that may sway voters.

There’s not anything on issues at Brad Schimel’s website. I’m not picking on him, there’s just nothing there. There is a great deal of biographical information, including his volunteer activities.

One of the activities listed is Commencement Speaker for DARE classes. DARE has been shown by some studies to be an ineffective program and a waste of taxpayer money.

On the other hand, Schimel has been Chairperson of the St. William Parish (Waukesha) Human Concerns Committee and a member of the St. William Parish Respect Life Committee.

Dennis Krueger’s website has a page dedicated to what his “goals” are for the office. Under his biography, I’m not seeing anything about the DARE program, but plenty of involvement with the Republican Party.

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