Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Loads of crap to shovel through


WTMJ-AM’s Charlie Sykes, with the cooperation of local bloggers and other contributors, has launched PolitiCrap to fact check the claims of politicians and the self-professed fact-checkers.

From the folks who brought you the “Deep Tunnel Awards,” a new political feature: PolitiCrap. We will evaluate political ads, news stories, politicians’ press releases and spin. And, yes, we will also fact check the fact-checkers.

PolitiCrap is a joint effort of the Charlie Sykes show and the conservative Wisconsin blogosphere. More than a dozen bloggers and pundits have agreed to participate in the state’s first conservative fact check — an alternative and a counterpoint to the MSM.

Our fact check will have four catgeories:

1. True
2. Blended (with apologies to MMSD)
3. Mostly Crap
4. Total Crap

So far, they’ve checked Tom Barrett’s pension claims (total crap), Feingold’s status as a “maverick” (blended), and the story about Ron Johnson seeking stimulus funds for an opera house (total crap).

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