Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Luther Olsen has an opponent


Self-described Progressive* State Representative Fred Clark is expected to announce his candidacy against State Senator Luther Olsen tomorrow at 12:00 in Baraboo, WI. It’ll be a circus, I’m sure. (Get it? Baraboo, circus, I crack me up.)

I should take this seriously, but I can’t. It’s too bad Olsen isn’t facing a Republican in a primary.

No word yet when the Democrats will be running a candidate from this planet.

(*Funny. He doesn’t vote like Scott Walker at all.)

Update! I hope Clark leaves the house in plenty of time for his press conference tomorrow and he isn’t tempted to run any red lights. In 2009, Clark was cited from running a red light and hitting a bicyclist in Madison. The incident is forever memorialized on YouTube video:

And I thought Madison Mayor Paul Soglin was the politician who had the hardest time getting the votes of bicyclists.

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