Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Make sure you get my good side


The Van Hollen campaign is making an issue of an employee in Dane County whose male sexual organ appeared on the office digital camera. The innocent-sounding explanation is that the employee’s child took 226 pictures with the camera and managed to catch two rather revealing shots.

Okay, if it was an accident, why didn’t the employee quickly delete those shots? If I’m sitting around the house naked, and my child is playing with a digital camera, I think I would cover up, let alone double-check what pictures he took. And let’s face it, if someone is taking a close-up picture of my male anatomy, I think I would notice. And if it’s all perfectly innocent, and it may be, why is the employee resigning?

Shouldn’t have Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk turned this matter over to the county district attorney for proper investigation, rather than handle it internally?

This whole story is just too weird.

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