Friday, November 24th, 2017

Makeover Runway


Last night’s Project Runway challenge to the designers was to do a complete makeover of their fellow designers. Heidi Klum drew the names of the designers and paired them up: Nick was the designer for Daniel. Daniel was the designer for Chloe. Chloe got Nick as her model. Santino and Kara got each other.

Right off the bat Santino took control of both Kara’s design for him and his design for Kara. Kara, smart girl that she is and lucky as hell to have made it this far, gave in to Santino early and often. Santino gave her the concept, picked out her fabrics, set her priorities in making the outfit, managed her time, and in the end created a look for himself that was a little more clean and relaxed than his normal look. It looked good on the runway and saved Kara for another week. She makes the final four without having won a round.

Santino’s concept for Kara was to throw out the flower child and put Kara in a sleek body suit. Once again Santino was designing what Santino wanted, and not what was best for his client. The body suit was defintely sharp, but unfinished. it was literally popping at the seams as Kara walked down the runway. Santino wasn’t helped with the judges when Kara, upon questioning by the judges, said nothing in the outfit’s defense. You would’ve thought she could’ve shown Santino more gratitude considering he basically held her hand through this round of the competition.

Chloe had her “A” game tonight. She designed a sharp outfit for Nick that actually made him look handsome. He kept joking that he looked like a flight attendant for British Airways. But Nick had a professional, stylish look, and Chloe definitely deserved the win.

Nick designed an outfit for Daniel that was supposed to be a men’s suit. However, he picked a shiny soft feminine lavender fabric, and did not include any pockets on the pants. The suit coat lacked pockets and also lacked buttons. If Daniel wore pearls, a white blouse and glasses, he could’ve been a young and skinny Mrs. Doubtfire. Well, he would have to stuff his chest and be more genial. The outfit also suffered from poor tailoring in the back. Nick may have been laughing at Santino’s outfit back stage, but he really had nothing to brag about.

It probably didn’t help Nick that Daniel suddenly went from Mr. Nice Guy to queen bitch in those clothes. The outfit Daniel designed for Chloe was a disaster. Nina was correct in saying it added twenty years to her appearance, when it was obvious that was not Daniel’s intent. Heidi warned Daniel about his design for Chloe, saying that if Daniel had not won immunity from the last challenge, he would’ve been auf wiedersehen’ed right out of there. Instead of Daniel listening to the judges, he suddenly became a sullen brat.

What was really frightening about Nick’s design, and the execution of the design, is that Nick designs men’s wear for a living. He should’ve had the advantage. Instead, he crashed and burned. Santino, who found one judge to like his outfit, was saved another week.

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