Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Man of our Time


The Atlantic suggests everyone stop acting as the shameless promotions department for Time Inc and ignore the “person of the year.”

Obama Mark II is the latest in a pattern of lackluster choices. Is anyone out there not sick of people ironically listing “Time Person of the Year, 2006” in Twitter bios, a reference to the gimmicky selection of “You” that year?

2006 Person of the Year “You”

Didn’t think so. The 2011 Person of the Year, another cop-out, was “The Protestor,” though that at least pointed to a major news trend across the world that year.

And here’s an appalling fact: Though the name was changed from “Man of the Year” to “Person of the Year” in 1999, not since 1987 has Time featured an individual woman as the Person of the Year, as BuzzFeed notes. That year it was Corazon Aquino, who led the push to topple Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos and became president of the Philippines. (In 2002, the magazine choose three women for a cover on “The Whistleblowers” at Worldcom, the FBI, and Enron.)

The silliness of this year’s award ranks up there with President Barack Obama’s unearned Nobel Peace Prize. It’s gotten to the point where People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue is more interesting and more plausible (although I have yet to be picked).

The “Person of the Year” selection should be an interesting round of speculation up until the reveal, but Time is so bad at picking the person for the cover of the magazine they have even made the selection speculation boring.

I would have picked Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker or Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels. I’m sure others could come up with their own lists and they would be more interesting and more deserving than President Obama.

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