Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Maybe if they tried to be funny


“I’m not good enough, I’m not smart enough, and doggone it, people don’t like me!”
– blatantly stolen from Mary at Freedom Eden

The liberal talk radio network, Air America, has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, and everyone is left asking why is Air America failing?

There’s really some not-so-hard-to-find answers:
1) The business plan sucked. Or was never followed. Or something. Air America would escape one Enron-like scandal about its funding when another question would be raised.
2) There is already a liberal talk radio presence out there. And guess what? It crushed the competition. Public radio, NPR or otherwise, is tilted to the left. It also has the competitive advantages of having a loyal radio listenership and less problems with overhead. Whether the funding is public or private donations, public radio is not dependent on an advertising base. At least public radio’s “investors” get a tote bag or a coffee mug.
3) Air America’s on-air talent was horrible. Garrison Keillor did more to advance liberalism in one show with Randy Newman as his guest than Janeane Garrafalo did during her entire stint with Air America.
4) There was no need for a new liberal outlet. Quick quiz, it’s 3:30pm in Milwaukee and you want to know what local conservatives are thinking and talking about. You can listen to WISN’s Mark Belling or read a blog. But what if you’re a conservative looking for a liberal perspective? Seriously, how long would it take to find it?

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