Monday, November 20th, 2017

Maybe it was the mushrooms on the cafeteria pizza


Wow. Somebody’s been eating the paste, and his name is Mike Hasslinger, Waukesha County’s Register of Deeds. He’s been sending e-mails to Charlie Sykes of WTMJ AM 620 which can only be products of a poor education and an uncontrollable rage. The first one is just bizarre:

Please get you FAXes right before you make you statements.. liable is not good. hurts your credibility. but you don’t care about Faxes your just a show.

It’s a rare combination to find in a local official: incoherence, rage, illiteracy and stupidity.

Why any public official would send such an e-mail is beyond mortal understanding. For Hasslinger’s sake, I hope it was a case of his walking away and leaving his computer unattended while some deranged chimp with a curiousity about computer keyboards was patrolling the hallways.

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