Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Maybe putting the students in charge of each other is not such a good idea


Ever read The Lord of the Flies? Drew Baryenbruch of The University Standard, a publication I was unfamiliar with, announces Democracy Now an Illusion at UWM. (ht: Jon Hayden)

Curiously, Baryenbruch seems to be looking for his share,

As a student at UWM, you are charged more in segregated fees than you would be charged if you attended any other campus in the state. These fees are set by your student government – the Student Association. A government that is by far the highest paid student government in the state. Your President alone makes $9,500 a year. She also controls a budget of over $80,000 to be spent on executive employees. I will never argue that creating student jobs is not one of the greatest accomplishments the Student Association could achieve for students. Why, though, do all of these jobs have to be internalized solely in the executive branch? Isn’t the goal of the student government to spread the wealth?

Meanwhile, Fox 6 news in Milwaukee, obviously bored with covering real government news, covers the suspension of student government at UW-Milwaukee as if Fidel Castro just tossed out Batista (yes, it’s an apt comparison). What had me laughing was the student government president telling the interviewer she spends 40 hours per week in the student government office.

Really, students at UW-Milwaukee, start the petition drive now to abolish student government. You have nothing to lose and a few dollars to gain.

Note: For whatever reason, I’m having trouble accessing the UWM Post online (the newspaper Mike Mathias and Jessica McBride wrote for when they were in college). Maybe government forces have seized the newspaper. If so, it would be one of the few revolutions that wouldn’t have to worry about seizing the radio station. Who would notice?

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