Monday, May 20th, 2019

Maybe the Democrats should take an ad out in the newspaper


Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate told the delegates at the state convention the need to have patience while the party looks for a candidate to take on Governor Scott Walker, according to WisPolitics:

Tate also asked activists for patience in finding a candidate to run against Gov. Scott Walker next year.

He said several “very talented and qualified people” are considering running,saying they may be a current elected leader or possibly someone from the private sector with a great Wisconsin story to tell.
The party chair said Walker has won past elections not because of his ideas, which he said are not popular, but by tearing own his opponent. Tate said it does Dems no good to give him “a target to shoot at one day sooner than we have to.”

Oh, and the blessed Russ Feingold is making it clear he’s not running.

“I don’t come to you tonight as a candidate,” Feingold said as some booed lightheartedly, before adding “At least in 2013, 2014 or 2015.”

Perhaps Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will run again. Or maybe the Democrats can take an ad out on Craigslist.

Wanted: Candidate for governor, no experience necessary. Just a willingness to raise money and suck up to the remnants of the teachers unions.

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