Sunday, May 19th, 2019

McCamish channels inner McCarthy and calls Scott Walker a Communist


Over at the MacIver Institute today, I explain why a Milwaukee union leader went off the deep end and compared holding re-certification elections to Communist China.

Boyd McCamish, Executive Director of the AFSCME District Council 48, continued the attacks on Walker last week when news broke the public employee unions would have to have elections to be recertified. In a message that appeared on the local union’s Facebook page the day before Thanksgiving, McCamish lamented the announcement by comparing the Wisconsin governor and the Employment Relations Commission to the Communists in China.

“Gov. Walker and his Employment Relations Commission are taking a page right out of the playbook of communist China, making a complete mockery of the idea of fair elections,” McCamish said.

McCamish’s complaint is that the election process started the Friday after Thanksgiving, “when nobody is at work, essentially taking away the first five or six days in which we could possibly prepare for an election that will be over in a matter of days.” The union, which claims to represent approximately 600 employees in the Milwaukee Public School system, has until December 19th to get a majority of the membership to vote for certification.

Invoking the specter of Communism in China brings back memories of Mao’s Cultural Revolution and the crushing of democracy in Tiananmen Square. It’s estimated that Communism killed 94 million people in China. By comparing Walker to that murderous regime because the recertification election starts on a holiday weekend, McCamish is belittling one of the worst ideological mass-murders of the 20th century.

I suggest in the op-ed piece that McCamish should direct his anger instead towards Judge Juan Colas, although I would strongly suggest a little more restraint in his remarks. {Click to read the whole thing.}

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