Saturday, August 24th, 2019

McGee should be isolated


Michael McGee Sr proves what a low animal he is with his rant about the death of Charlie Sykes’ mother (audio recorded by Patrick at Badger Blogger) on WNOV-AM today.

There is no pressure that can be put on either McGee Jr or McGee Sr. They have no sense of shame. They believe themselves immune to public opinion at large. The poorly run recall effort of McGee Junior has only reinforced this belief.

However, pressure can be applied on those around McGee.

WNOV-AM is owned by Jerrel Jones. The general manager is Sandra Robinson. The program director is Homer Blow whose biography indicates he dislikes “haters.” (By the way, I loooove his shirt.)

Then there’s frequent McGee defender Mikel Holt of the Milwaukee Community Journal. We can ask Holt what role McGee Sr was fulfilling in the African American community today.

Of course, there’s advertisers and the like, as well. Not to mention whatever group is underwriting McGee’s show. It’s time to get them all on record to see if this is what they want to support on the airwaves.

Update! 5/3/07 9:56pm
Channel 12 in Milwaukee has coverage from their 6:00pm broadcast.

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