Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Meanwhile, some good education news


It’s just gotta be killing WEAC.
The latest update from The Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families:

Families Hail Bipartisan Committee Work on Virtual Public School Rescue Plan

Bills Advance with Unanimous Senate Vote, 2:1 Margin in Assembly

[Madison, Wisc..] The Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual School Families today hailed the impressive passage of the Bipartisan Virtual Public School Rescue Plan in both the Senate ad Assembly Education Committees. This critical compromise passed the Senate Committee unanimously, and the Assembly Committee on a bipartisan vote of 6-3.

“This is very reassuring to the thousands of Wisconsin families who rely on this educational option,” said Rose Fernandez, Coalition President. “Well-meaning lawmakers from both parties have achieved a delicately-crafted compromise and it is imperative that this plan continues to advance, unaltered. As long as we get swift votes in both houses on a clean, unamended bill, thousands of kids will still be able to attend the public school of their choice this fall.”

Both SB396 and AB697 were amended with identical language today, reflecting the bipartisan compromise announced last week. With a court decision hanging over their heads, and the state’s open enrollment period pending, a half dozen public virtual schools in Wisconsin need this compromise plan to become law soon.

“I want to thank the thirteen lawmakers of both parties who voted for these 3,000-plus kids today,” said Fernandez. “And I encourage them to press their leadership to bring these bills before the full legislature as soon as possible so that the Governor can sign this bipartisan achievement into law.”

On January 16th, more than 1,100 members of the Coalition rallied on the steps of the Capitol, and urged lawmakers to pass a plan that would allow online public charter schools to survive as an educational option in Wisconsin. More than 3,000 Wisconsin children attend these schools and could be forced from the public school of their choice if the compromise doesn’t become law this spring.

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