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Memo from Mayor Scrima changing city RFP process


scrima memo
Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima issued a memo today, April 1st, changing the way the city will handle the Request for Proposal process. The new process, which we uncovered today, April 1st, is designed to have “more consideration of mayoral prerogatives,” according to sources. The memo is available online and the text is below.

To: Ed Henschel, City Administrator

From: Jeff Scrima, Mayor

Date: April 1, 2014

Re: RFP and bid process going forward

Under the current RFP and bid processes, there is a chance of misunderstanding what I believe is the best interests of the city. I am setting forth new guidelines that will vigorously enable us to best serve the city and make Waukesha the number one bestest most city to do business with through the mayor’s office.

Thanks to the generous taxpayers who I am I honored to serve, I learned at the Harvard government seminars I attended we must address the problem before we can fix it. The current process is as follows:

  1. Staff comes up with a way to save taxpayer money.
  2. I sign memo saying this is a good idea without really understanding it.
  3. Staff requests proposals.
  4. Staff evaluates proposals and chooses best option.
  5. Staff presents best proposal to Common Council.
  6. I do my best to vigorously challenge the set thinking.

That process is flawed in that it does not allow the correct stakeholders to have sufficient input and it causes needless delay and embarrassment. This will be the process going forward.

  1. Staff comes up with a way to save money.
  2. I will take credit for the idea.
  3. Staff will request proposals.
  4. Staff evaluates proposals and chooses best option.
  5. Vendor will be checked against approved list of GuitarTown donors and fiberglass artwork guitar purchasers.
  6. Vendor will be checked to see if they recently criticized the mayor’s office.
  7. If the vendor has not recently criticized the mayor but has not taken the opportunity to invest in GuitarTown or the New Day Fund, Mayor will call vendor to invite them to invest in moving Waukesha forward to the #1 best small city in America.
  8. If the vendor declines opportunity to be a part of our Waukesha FUN! Campaign, staff will ask the vendors with the worst proposals to re-present to the Common Council, provided they meet the acceptable criteria of steps 5 and 6.

When these changes are made, it will contribute to a happier and healthier process as we move Waukesha Forward to the great Family it can be with me as its quarterback.


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