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Merry Christmas from the Wigderson family


Merry Christmas from the Wigderson Family. The shameless self-promotion department dug up some past Christmas-themed Waukesha Freeman columns for the occasion. I hope you enjoy them. Just click on the headlines to read the complete columns.

Christmas starts with practicing surprised look
Waukesha Freeman, December 23, 2010

My evening was interrupted with yet another delivery. In my best Roberto Duran voice I said to the driver, “No mas, no mas.”

I think he misunderstood me and he replied, “I hope this isn’t your Christmas present.”

It was. The gift my wife carefully selected for me was handed to me naked as the day the manufacturer packaged it with only the fig leaf of the shipping label. The brand and model number were fully exposed.

“What’s that?” my son asked, barely looking up from his book.

“My Christmas present. Surprise!”

My wife called me later from work to check on the kids. When I gave her the latest update on the packages that had arrived, she asked me to look surprised Christmas morning.

If you see me making funny faces in the shop windows downtown, that’s just me practicing my “surprised” look.
* * *

The joy of Christmas
Waukesha Freeman, December 24, 2009

Christmas is an exciting time for the Wigderson household. As some of our neighbors have even observed, it’s a time that we enjoy so much we don’t really want it to end.
The tree is up and presents are underneath. Our house is full of the symbols of Christmas, both religious and secular. The house is filled with Christmas music and Christmas television specials.
The Christmas lights outside went up the week before Thanksgiving to take advantage of good weather this year. The lights look strangely like the lights we had up well into the Easter season last year.
This year, my wife began buying Christmas presents early. We avoided the whole question on my side of the family of whether to draw names when my brother and I were able to tell my father at Thanksgiving that the Christmas shopping was already done.
Christmas, as my father-inlaw likes to remind us, is for the children. My children are at the right ages to really enjoy Christmas without having the stresses and burdens that accompany the holiday for those of us that are older.
For my son who is almost 9 years old, Christmas really began with helping to build the Christmas Parade float for his Cub Scout pack. Last year, they built a tank to pull Santa’s sleigh into combat areas to deliver presents to the troops, complete with working (confetti) cannon. The float drew criticism from liberal Tim Schilke, who complained about the militarization of Christmas in Waukesha. It also won first place in its division. This year, they made a volcano and a tropical setting for Santa to spend the day after Christmas. It took second place.
* * *

You’ll shoot your eye out!
Waukesha Freeman, December 14, 2006

It’s the Christmas season, and it’s time for families to make plans for the holidays. This year my son, Will, is almost 6, so his mom and I are really excited, possibly more so than he is.
Of course, Christmas isn’t starting out on the right track.

It started when I picked Will up from school one day. While driving back to the house, I called my wife. The conversation was quickly interrupted.

“Driving while talking on the cell phone is not safe,” came a voice from the state-mandated booster seat in the back.

“Neither is correcting your father while he’s driving. Who told you it’s unsafe?”

“My teacher.”

I was tempted to say that given the unplowed conditions of the streets it would be nice if your mother knew if she should look for one body or two, but decided that was too long of a conversation.

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