Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Mickey Kaus discovers campaign finance laws are more than just annoying


Pundit and US Senate candidate in California Mickey Kaus wonders if the disclosure requirements on radio ads are really just a way of bullying the campaigns.

Just cut some radio spots. How annoying is it that in a 30 second spot, 5 seconds are words dictated by the government: “Paid for by Kaus for Senate” and “I’m Mickey Kaus, candidate for U.S. Senate, and I approved this ad.” It’s not as if voters might otherwise assume that my campaign a) hadn’t paid for the ad and b) didn’t approve it. … Maybe if someone else’s campaign had produced the ad they should have to disclose that, to avoid deception. Or if the ad was an attack ad that never mentions the candidate who funded it. But this was an ad in which I appear and identify myself. I don’t quite see the compelling public interest in forcing candidates to tell voters that, yes, what they naturally assume is the case is, in fact, the case. It seems more like the government just forcing them to jump through verbal hoops because it can. … Maybe Justice Kennedy would agree. … 1:06 A.M

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