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Milwaukee County Courthouse to become recreation of Hanging Gardens of Babylon


Artist rendition of how the Milwaukee County Courthouse might look after renovations

WNS – Milwaukee County April 1, 2013 Milwaukee County Board Chairman Marina Dimitrijevic announced a new plan to renovate the Milwaukee County Courthouse.

“After years of neglect by both Scott Walker and now Chris Abele, the County Courthouse needs some serious renovation. This plan is forward thinking, environmentally friendly, and will make the Courthouse a landmark worthy of Milwaukee County government.”

The plan, estimated at $980 million, will transform the roof, the central cooling atrium, the surface area of the building and MacArthur Square into a modern version of the Hanging Gardens. The original Hanging Gardens were built by a Babylonian king for his mistress who missed the forests and hills of her homeland.

The modern version at the Courthouse will be an environmentalist updating. It will use rain barrels to supply the waterfalls. The foliage is expected to reduce runoff and cool the building during the summer months.

According to Dimitrijevic, the foliage will also make life more pleasant for the homeless that linger in MacArthur Square. “The new trees will provide more shade than the current field that is nearly empty. There will be plenty of cover for homeless people camping on the grounds.”

MacArthur Square will also receive a new name. “We’re moving the statue celebrating war and we’re replacing it with a peace fountain. We will be renaming the square, ‘Gaia Park,’ to celebrate the new environmentalist consciousness that we’ll be raising.”

When asked about the cost, Dimitrijevic said while the project is expensive, she expects a return on investment in secondary effects in 150 years. “Besides, this isn’t about cost. This is about creating a suitable work environment that celebrates Milwaukee County and the County Board, while making a statement about how we are all children of Earth.”

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